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Our Vision

Optimized design and simplified deployment of predictable AI-enabled, multiple-criticality applications on next-generation embedded systems.

Safety + Performance

We believe that next-generation computational needs should not trade safety for hardware and software performance.

Intuitive Configuration

We want to enable easy and complete configuration of complex applications on high-performance embedded platforms.

Full-stack Modules

We think modularity is the key to integrate hypervisor, RTOS, and applications in a predictable and flexible way.

We are here to make next-generation real-time systems a reality.

Wisdom to predictably fill the gap between high-performance and safety in the next generation embedded software applications.

Strategy to optimise your design and building of AI-enabled, multiple-criticality applications.

Hardware Complexity

of next generation heterogeneous embedded platforms is a major obstacle to achieve freedom of interference for systems with performance, predictability, and certification requirements.

Contention control

allows Minerva Systems to arbitrate with state of the art techniques shared components at memory and interconnect level, putting the system integrator back in complete control of its resources.

Environment selection

is challenging when developers want to optimize their workload, while ensuring predictable performance.

Advanced optimizations and analysis techniques

are engineered by Minerva Systems from years of solid research, to easily and exhaustively select the best execution environment, while respecting the constraints of the system.

Years of experience

in researching, analyzing, and building real-time systems converge in Minerva Systems to create the ecosystem you need to exploit with confidence next-generation embedded platforms.

Meet the Team

Leaders & Founders

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Marco Solieri, PhD


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Andrea Bastoni, PhD


Advisors & Founders

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Prof. Marko Bertogna

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Prof. Marco Caccamo

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Prof. Renato Mancuso

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Prof. Rodolfo Pellizzoni

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+39 059 205 5182

213/B, Via Campi, 41125 Modena

Geographical Presence

Modena, Italy

Munich, Germany

University spinoff

Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia

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