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Embedding software,
at full throttle

AI-enabled embedded systems for critical applications need the next generation of software platform. We multiply the available performance while enabling a lean and robust process for safe and secure products.

Isometric illustration of an embedded chip with Minerva's logo in the center.

Used by world's leading innovators

Next-generation embedded systems are challenging

High-performance systems on chip (SoCs) are bringing the power of intelligence and autonomy in automotive, industrial, robotics, avionics, and railway. Ignoring emerging complexity can put your innovation path at risk.

SoC hardware

High-performance SoCs include different computing engines like multi-core CPUs, GPUs and neural accelerators.

Safety and Security

Achieving certifications for safe and secure product quality is a long, complex and expensive process.


Under-regulated hardware leads to pessimistic configuration, hence to hardware under-utilization.


Simplistic software platforms and configurations create systems that are inflexible, lacks scalability, and are rigid.

Accelerate Embedded Computing

MinervaSys provides the tooling and operating system solutions to simplify the hardware-software configuration, testing and certification to ensure high performance, smooth and agile processes, and great cost-effectiveness.

Up to
Savings in the hardware-software process costs
Up to
Attainable performance without compromising safety nor security

Ingenious, for real

Safety + security

Novel technologies for strong hardware isolation enable predictable execution of real-time workloads and the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality and availability.

High performance

Fine-grained hardware management meets AI-driven tuning to maximize attainable performance, while minimizing the hardware cost.

Hardware optimization

Minerva's intuitive configuration makes it easy to set up and manage your embedded systems.

Flexible Architecture

Isolated virtual machines and containerization enable consolidation, simplify upgrades, multiply scalability.

Simplified configuration

Minerva's diagnostics tools enable you to quickly identify and fix memory-related issues with your embedded systems.

Enable lean development process

Minerva's modular solutions allow you to tailor the system to your specific needs.


How we do it at Minerva

1. Inspection & Visualization

Fast and precise visualization and analysis of memory interference on complex Multiprocessor System on Chip (MPSoC).

2. Control & Stress-Testing

Easily generate complex memory stress patterns and dynamically control memory regulation strategies.

4. Robust Configuration

Quickly define robust hypervisor and operating system configurations to achieve minimal interference among applications and partitions.

3. Performance, Safety & Security

Maximize system-level performance while improving safety and security. Reduce certification and deployment costs via full system-level isolation.


Minerva Architect

Minerva Architect Tool simplifies development and integration activities on complex MPSoC. The tool visualizes problematic memory interference, correlates the interference with the executing applications at runtime and enables developers and integrators to precisely tune desired isolation and performance levels even in worst case scenarios.

Isometric illustration of Minerva's dev tool

Interference Inspector

High-precision, low overhead, visualization, monitoring and analysis of memory interference on complex MPSoC.

Interference Generator

Easy selection and on-click execution of complex memory stress patterns.

Interference Mitigation

Dynamically control memory regulation and interference mitigation strategies.

Automate Interference Testing

Integration into continuous integration, deployment, and testing strategies.

Isometric illustration of Minerva's solutions

Solutions for predictable safe, and secure performance

Our services help you accelerating the deployment and integration of your applications and systems on complex high-performance embedded platforms.

Interference Protection

We help you find and remove memory interference. We improve your system design, shorten your test campaigns, and avoid pessimistic safety margins.

Performance Optimization

We improve scalability of your current hardware. We tune your system platform configuration to maximize the usable performance.

Safety & Secure Architecture Optimization

We engineer the best-suited solutions for your hardware-software products in safety and/or security certification contexts.

ECU Selection and Prototyping

We conceive the best-fitting selection of hardware (SoCs, I/O, memory) and software platform (operating systems, hypervisor) to meet your business goals.


We operate where we impact the most


Minerva Systems is the fastest way to get your robotics applications up and running. Our suite of dev tools and OS make it easy to integrate, test and certify your SoCs for high performance, determinism and availability.


Minerva Systems helps you power the next generation of software-defined vehicles with reliable, secure and high-performance embedded solutions. We make it simple to integrate, test and certify your SoCs.


Minerva Systems is the go-to solution for rail industry professionals looking to create powerful, secure and reliable onboard and signalling computing systems. We make it easy to integrate, test and certify your SoCs for high performance.


Minerva Systems helps you defining complex memory interference channels and optimizing partitioning for high performance IMA architectures. Our suite of development tools make it simple to tailor your testing and integration activities to achieve safety and high performance.

On a mission to accelerate availability of embedded computing on complex SoCs


To become the go-to company to operate software on complex SoCs for secure and safe applications


To accelerate availability of embedded computing by simplifying integration, testing and certification, and by combining high performance, determinism and availability on complex SoCs