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Minerva Systems is a B2B software company dedicated to increasing the availability of embedded computing. We simplify the integration, testing, and certification for complex SoC through our Tools, OS and Hypervisor solutions, providing high-performance, determinism, and availability.

Illustration of a platform with objects representing the four markets Minerva operates in.

Solutions for predictable, safe and secure performance

Interference Protection

We help you find and remove memory interference. We improve your system design, shorten your test campaigns, and avoid pessimistic safety margins.

Performance Optimization

We improve scalability of your current hardware. We tune your system platform configuration to maximize the usable performance.

Safety & Secure Architecture Optimization

We engineer the best-suited solutions for your hardware-software products in safety and/or security certification contexts.

ECU Selection and Prototyping

We conceive the best-fitting selection of hardware (SoCs, I/O, memory) and software platform (operating systems, hypervisor) to meet your business goals.


Ingenious, for real

Cache Partitioning

We customize our OS and Hypervisor-based cache-partitioning solutions to meet your performance and isolation requirements.

Memory Bandwidth Optimization

Our rich variants of memory bandwidth regulation solutions can be tailored to fit your OS and board requirements to achieve optimal performance.

Interference Analysis and Mitigation

We partner closely with our clients to quickly identify interference and performance bottlenecks. Then, we develop effective mitigation strategies to address those issues.

Safety and Security Optimization

We optimize OS and Hypervisor deployments on complex SoC platforms to quickly achieve higher performance with increased safety and security levels.