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Minerva Architect

Minerva Architect simplifies development and integration activities on complex MPSoC. The tool visualizes problematic memory interference, correlates the interference with the executing applications at runtime and enables developers and integrators to precisely tune desired isolation and performance levels even in worst case scenarios.

Isometric illustration of Minerva's dev tool
Interference Inspector

Interference Inspector

High-precision, low-overhead, visualization, monitoring and analysis of memory interference on complex MPSoC. The Architect Tool enables the live correlation between applications and their memory-access patterns. The fast runtime visualization allows the quick identification of problematic and unexpected multicore memory interference.

Interference Generator

Interference Generator

Easy selection of complex memory stress patterns. The Architect Tool enables developers and integrators with limited knowledge of your target boards to generate complex worst-case memory stress test and verify the intended application behavior.



Dynamic control of memory regulation and interference mitigation technologies. The Architect Tool offers configurable knobs to verify at runtime the impact of different memory regulation and interference mitigation strategies. It enables integrators to evaluate and fine-tune the desired level of memory regulation.

Automatic Testing

Automatic Testing

Integration into CI/CD pipelines and testing strategies. The Architect Tool enables effective and efficient monitoring of regressions during incremental integration and progressively complex testing activities.



Zero Overhead

A state-of-the-art design to transparently inspect your application memory behavior with minimal measurement noise.

Highest Resolution

Microsecond tracing resolution for the most accurate monitoring and fine-grained inspection.

Operating System Integration

Integration with OS application and performance tracers such as Linux sched_trace and perf.

Fast and Responsive Interface

The host/target split-architecture only requires an Ethernet connection and features a fast GUI for live/offline inspection of target performance.

Current Hardware Support

Arm v8 families
- AMD Xilinx: Zynq Ultrascale+, Kria KV26
- NXP: i.MX8, S32G
x86 families
- Intel and AMD

Current Platform Support

Target: bare-metal (no OS), Linux.
Host: Linux.